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Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil formula for dogs | Kodiak Naturals

Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil formula for dogs | Kodiak Naturals

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Sustainably sourced wild Alaskan salmon & Pollock caught in the Bering Sea, human-grade oil blend rich with Omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acids containing EPA & DHA

Ideal for dogs of all ages. Adults and senior dogs are shown to have a healthier coat & skin as well as optimal brain, eye, neurological function and joint health.

Kodiak Naturals is committed to sustainability.

Source fishing grounds for the Salmon and Pollock are from Bristol Bay through the Bering Sea and South East Alaska. Fresh Wild Alaskan Salmon and Pollock are caught by either hook, line or net. Only 45% of the Allowable Biological Catch (safe level of harvest) is caught taking only 7% of the total fish biomass per year.

Sourced from the cleanest waters in the world 🌎

Alaska is thousands of miles away from large sources of biological and industrial pollution such as waste from water treatment plants, pesticides, petroleum derivatives, PCBs and metals. The distances (combined with the earth’s patterns of circulation of water and air) help to ensure that Alaska’s waters are among the cleanest in the world and remarkably free of contamination.

BALANCED: A complete source of Omega-3 fatty acids

DHA and EPA: These long-chain Omega are known to support healthy brain and vision function in dogs. They also nourish dry and sensitive skin

HIGHER EPA LEVELS: Higher EPA levels than Salmon Oil alone better supports a healthy skin and coat

ENERGY: Omega 9 fatty acids provide a good source of energy

DRIP FREE: Sold in a convenient squeeze bottle with a drip-free cap to avoid messes

TASTY: Dogs love the tasty flavor while getting all the health benefits

When you see the NASC Quality seal, you can trust you are buying a product from a reputable company that has successfully completed an independent quality audit. As an NASC member, Kodiak Naturals must comply with rigorous requirements before they are granted permission to display the seal.

100% Money Back Guarantee if your dog doesn't love it

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