Waterproof non slip dog boots in black and red
Golden retriever wearing waterproof non slip dog boots in red
Golden Retriever wearing waterproof non slip dog boots in black
waterproof fabric of dog boots
Reflective strap of dog boot
Rubber non slip sole of dog boot
Size Chart of Waterproof Non Slip Dog Boots
Red2 Waterproof dog boots chart
Black 2 Waterproof dog boots chart
Waterproof Non Slip Dog Boots

Waterproof Non Slip Dog Boots

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Waterproof Non Slip Dog Boots to protect your dog's paws and to give older dogs better traction

Waterproof dog boots with reflective straps so your dog is visible in the dark. Anti-slip bottom with durable rubber soles, make them ideal boots for aging dogs who need better traction on the floor. Great for outdoor activities: your dog's paws will remain protected from snow, salt and chemical agents, rocky ground and hot pavements.

The waterproof fabric ensures your dog's paws will also stay dry during rainy days.


 Size Inside Width Inside Length
2 1.6" 2.4"
3 1.8" 2.4"
4 2" 2.6"
5 2.2" 2.8"
6 2.5" 3"
7 2.8" 3.1"
8 3" 3.3"
Step 1. Place your dog's paw on a blank sheet of paper
Step 2. Circle around the paw including the nails with a pen
Step 3. Measure the width and the length of the drawing
Step 4. To select the right size refer to the size chart above

Reflective straps in the dark ❤️

Great quality - Resistant - Durable ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Available in 8 sizes

From Small to Large Breeds


100% Money Back Guarantee if your dog doesn't love it or Free Exchange if you need a different size