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Reusable Dog Pee Pads

Reusable Dog Pee Pads

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Waterproof & Reusable dog pee pads suitable for incontinent and sick dogs. Saves you money & Environmentally Friendly 

Can be placed to line crates, pens and doghouses as well as protect your floor and furniture. Made of BK cloth ultrasonic cotton, it absorbs liquids quickly without leaking through. The anti slip bottom keeps the pad from moving and sliding out of place. 

High Density Absorbent Surface ✔️

The permeability of the surface is designed to quickly absorb your dog's accidents and contain any leakage. Durable and tear resistant. 

Reusable & Economical ✔️

Compared to disposable wee wee pads not only this pad makes it the more eco friendly choice but it will also save you money. Machine wash in cold water, hang or lay flat to dry and ready to reuse.

Waterproof with 4 layers of protection ✔️

  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • Absorbable ultrasonic cotton
  • TPU waterproof layer
  • Non-Slip rubberized bottom

Leak Proof Anti Slip Bottom ✔️

4 Different sizes to suit all dogs ✔️

 Size Long Width
Small 19.6" 13.7"
Medium 23.6" 17.7"
Large 26.3" 19.6"
Extra Large 39.3" 26.3"


In addition to be a great choice for older dogs suffering from incontinence you can use this pad for other purposes:

  • Dog food mat - Place it under the feeding bowls
  • Training pad for puppies
  • Post-surgery pad
  • Travelling - Protect your car seats


100% Money back guarantee if your dog doesn't love it ✔️

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