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Dog Protection Goggles PV Lens

Dog Protection Goggles PV Lens

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Dog Protection Goggles for medium and large size dogs with PV lens

Easy to wear outdoor protective glasses for dogs. Provided with adjustable straps and ventilation holes. Suitable for Medium and Large dogs, dogs who ride and dogs who like to stick their head out of the car window :) These goggles will protect your pup's eyes from wind, dirt, bugs and more.


Material: PV Lens, PVC Frame

Lens Length: 7" and 2.2" High

Head Circumference: 9" to 16.5"

Jaw: 6.6" to 11.8"

Lens Color: Clear

Ventilation holes ✔️

Ventilation holes inside the goggles prevent the lens from getting foggy

Adjustable straps ✔️

Easy and comfortable to wear with the adjustable straps

Durable and Flexible frame ✔️

Goggles frame is bendable enough to fit your dog's face properly


100% Money Back Guarantee if your dog doesn't love it
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