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Deep Sleep Orthopedic Dog Bed

Deep Sleep Orthopedic Dog Bed

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High Density POE foam dog bed for dogs with orthopedic issues from age or injury 


Introducing the ultimate solution for your beloved furry companion: the revolutionary Deep Sleep Orthopedic Dog Bed with bolster by Ibiyaya. Engineered with cutting-edge Air Fiber technology, this orthopedic bed is a game-changer for senior dogs and those with orthopedic conditions, guaranteeing them the best sleep imaginable.

What sets this Orthopedic Dog Bed apart from the rest is its remarkable breathability. Regardless of the climate you reside in, be it the scorching heat or freezing cold of any state in the US, your dog's comfort is never compromised. The ingeniously designed breathable fabric allows for optimal air circulation, keeping your furry companion cool and cozy during the hottest summers or warm and snug during the coldest winters.

Specifications & Measurements:

  • Surface material: water-repellent suede
  • Frame material: high-density foam
  • Inner cushion material: POE
  • Net.W.: (M) 5.8lbs/ (L) 7.4lbs/ (XL) 11lbs
    Measurements: (M) L33 W25 H6 (in)/ (L)L39 W28 H6 (in)/ (XL) L45 W35 H6 (in)


  1. Superior Comfort: The bed is specifically designed to provide exceptional comfort for your furry friend. The orthopedic air fiber foam core offers excellent support and helps alleviate muscle and joint aches, ensuring a restful and comfortable sleep for your dog.

  2. Enhanced Sleep Quality: By using innovative Air Fiber technology, this bed promotes better sleep for your dog. The specialized foam core helps relieve discomfort, allowing your dog to enjoy a deep and uninterrupted sleep, which can lead to improved overall well-being.

  3. Safety and Quality: The orthopedic air fiber foam core has been certified by reputable agencies for its quality and safety standards. This ensures that you're investing in a high-quality product that prioritizes the well-being of your pet.

  4. Versatile Design: The addition of a bolster provides extra support and creates a cozy space for your dog to curl up against. The design is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, making it a great addition to any home decor.

  5. Breathability: The bed's breathability is a standout feature, ensuring your dog's comfort regardless of the climate you live in. The breathable fabric allows for optimal air circulation, keeping your dog cool in hot weather and warm during colder seasons.

  6. Long-lasting Durability: The Deep Sleep Orthopedic Dog Bed is constructed with high-quality materials, making it durable and able to withstand the everyday use of your dog. This means you can enjoy the benefits of this bed for an extended period of time.

100% Money Back Guarantee if your dog doesn't love it 👍

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