French Bulldog sitting on wooden ramp
Small dog walking on carpeted wooden ramp leaning on a sofa
Wooden pet ramp
Golden Retriever dog sitting on collapsed wooden dog ramp
Dog ramp made of reclaimed wood
Dog ramp in 4 adjustable heights
Folded pet ramp stored in the car trunk, under the sofa and in the bedroom corner
Small dog getting off the trunk of car using a wooden dog ramp
Large Dog sitting in the trunk of a car and a wooden dog ramp leaning on the trunk

Adjustable Dog Ramp for older dogs up to 100 lbs

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Wooden adjustable dog ramp with non slip traction carpet for senior dogs

Durable, reclaimed wood that can support up to 100lbs of weight and can be adjusted to 4 height levels: 9.3", 15.3", 19.6", 23.62". Made of wear resistant material and high traction carpet to prevent your dog from slipping when walking on the ramp. No assembly required. Ideal to help your dog get on and off the sofa or bed without putting any strain on their joints and back. ❤️

Specs & Dimensions:

Overall Dimensions: 39.37"L x 15.75"W x 2.95"D

Weight: 9.92 lbs

Material: Reclaimed Wood. 

Collapsible & Adjustable Heights ✔️

The ramp requires no assembly and it's collapsible, making it easy to store and portable. You can simply adjust the height and level of inclination desired.

Level Height
Level 1 9.3"
Level 2 15.3"
Level 3 19.6"
Level 4 23.62"

Environmentally friendly ✔️

Easy to clean ✔️

Spot clean. Brush or vacuum clean the ramp carpet.

Free Shipping ✔️

100% Money back guarantee if your dog doesn't love it ✔️