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Sealy Orthopedic Foam Defender Series Dog Bed

Sealy Orthopedic Foam Defender Series Dog Bed

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Indoor/Outdoor Water Resistant Dog bed for Large and Extra Large senior dogs who like to lounge outside by the pool and enjoy the sunshine

Meet the New Arrival in our Sealy Brand line up: the Sealy Defender water-resistant orthopedic dog bed. An excellent choice for older dogs who love spending time in the fresh air. This bed offers the ideal blend of comfort and weather resistance for dogs who enjoy their sun-soaked lounging sessions by the pool with their families. 

The Sealy Defender is the world's first IPX5-certified water-resistant dog bed, featuring a unique coating that prevents water from penetrating the core while maintaining a soft, comfortable surface for your furry friend. Say goodbye to wet bedding—while the exterior may get damp, the interior remains completely dry, thanks to Sealy's advanced technology.

Crafted with Sealy's flagship core, including Cooling Energy Gel, Pet Rest Memory Foam, Orthopedic Foam, and Charcoal HD Foam, the Sealy Defender provides unparalleled comfort and support for dogs of all ages. With its orthopedic design, this bed is especially beneficial for senior dogs with joint issues, offering relief from pressure points and promoting relaxation.

But that's not all—the Sealy Defender boasts a range of features to enhance your pup's comfort and well-being. Their water-resistant zipper and fabric overlay provide extra protection for the core, while non-slip feet ensure stability on any surface. Plus, CertiPUR foam ensures safety and peace of mind, free from harmful substances like mercury and formaldehyde.

Available in LARGE and EXTRA-LARGE

LARGE 42" x 31" x 5"
EXTRA-LARGE 48" x 38" x 5"


100% Money Back Guaranteed if your dog doesn't love it!

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