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Elevated Dog Bowls for Senior Dogs

Elevated Dog Bowls for Senior Dogs

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ProSelect Stainless Steel Adjustable Dog Diner with/Bowls 160oz Black - Suitable for Medium and Large Dogs

Elevated dog bowls provide a range of benefits, especially for senior dogs. By raising the food dish off of the ground, they are more comfortable for dogs with neck or back pain and offer a safe, simple solution for dogs who have trouble with regurgitation during mealtimes. As your dog ages, it can become difficult for him to bend down to eat from a floor-level bowl. Even though your dog can't tell you he's in pain, back and neck pain affects many aging and senior dogs, even those who don't show signs of discomfort. Elevated dog bowls are raised off the ground, eliminating the need for your dog to strain as he eats. They're a safe and comfortable way to ensure your dog enjoys mealtime every time.

Why we love it ❤️

  • Aids in digestion
  • Ideal for older dogs with back and neck pain
  • Easy to Clean 

 Color Available: Black

100% Money Back Guarantee if your dog doesn't love it

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