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Cancer in dogs: How long can a dog live with cancer?

If you have received the alarming news that your dog has cancer, I want you to take a deep breath before you continue to read this blog. It feels very emotional to hear that your pup has the big C, so please be aware that a cancer diagnosis doesn’t mean a death sentence. Leia was a cancer survivor and I have known several dogs with aggressive cancer who made it even in their old age. The good news is that most dogs tolerate cancer treatments much better than humans. Chemotherapy for example, is much more tolerated in our companion canines than in people. When my German Shepherd Leia was diagnosed with mammary cancer, her oncologist recommended 5 rounds of chemotherapy...

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The Senior Years: How I coped with my dog's degenerative illness

Whether it is a chronic condition, a painless yet incurable disease, or a terminal diagnosis, there are many ways that we can still be there for our animal companions. We had been managing his hip dysplasia and arthritis so well that I confess I was quite excited to show the vet how Alfie was doing…I will never forget hearing the diagnosis and the words, ‘degenerative’ and ‘incurable.’ I will also never forget Alfie gazing up at me, attuned as ever to my emotions, looking for reassurance. In that instant, rather than fall into a pit of anticipatory grief, I vowed to live in the moment as Alfie had taught me from day one and to take the opportunity to be...

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These 3 Actions will help your Senior Dog live longer

Your dog just turned 10 and suddenly you are extra worried about your pooch’s health and want to know everything you can do to make sure your best friend will be around for many more loving years. As the proud mom of a 9-year-old German Shepherd Dog I know the feeling all too well and as a professional dog walker I have seen my client’s dogs go through many physical changes and struggles over the years. An article titled: “ Senior Dogs, Caring & Tips “published in the American Kennel Club website by the AKC staff with the assistance of Dr. Meadows from the Veterinary Teaching Hospital at UC Davis, shared some excellent tips on preventive care like creating a...

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